Bundler, the bundle app for Shopify

Boost your sales with discounts on product bundles!
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Bundler - Product Bundler

will allow you to create product bundles and apply a discount to bundled products when your customer buys these products together.

Increase your average order value

by offering your customers a discount when they buy a predefined combination of products.

Percentage or fixed discount

Choose a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount for products in your bundle. Each bundle can have it's own discount!

Sell your less popular product

Combine popular and less popular products together and sell your stalled inventory.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a combination of products that get a discount when purchased together. Bundles are created by the shop owner to increase average order value, boost sales and sell less popular products.

Most popular features

Free shipping discount

Bundler allows you to create a bundle in your Shopify store and give your customers a free shipping discount, percentage discount or fixed amount discount.

Mix & Match bundles

Mix & Match bundles allow your customers to build their own bundle based on the requirements which you set up. For example, you can give them an option to pick any combination of 4 products out of 10 products. This allows them to build a custom bundle.

Show bundle widgets outside Shopify

Our customers can display their Shopify bundle widgets on other websites. These websites can be your Wordpress blog, Wix page or anything else. The widgets help you drive the traffic back to your Shopify store.

Classic discounted bundle

The classic discounted bundles are popular within our customers. The classic bundles give your customers a discount when they buy specific products together.

Why should I install Bundler in my Shopify store?

If you don't want to sell your products, get more sales and increase your average order value, then don't. But if you want to be a successful shop owner and businessman/woman, then you need the Bundler app. We are giving you full app, a poverful marketing tool for free! You can't lose much here. Install it here.

How do I add your code to my shop?

The code is added to your shop automatically and works with every theme. You don't have to open Liquid files at all to start using the app.

How does the user know if he/she qualifies for a discount?

Our app will know when one qualifies for a discount and automatically display a popup, showing how much will one save. The popup directly asks the customer if one wants to checkout. And it is hard to resist a free discount.

Will my product stock sync automatically?

Yes. Bundler synchronizes your stock automatically when you receive an order with product bundle.

How do I install the Bundler - Product Bundles Shopify app?

You can install the Bundler - Product Bundles app by going to the Shopify App Store and clicking the Add app button to add the app to your Shopify store.
Here is the link to our app in the Shopify App Store: https://apps.shopify.com/bundler-product-bundles

Does Bundler work with subscription apps?

Yes, Bundler - Product Bundles, the bundling app for Shopify works with newer subscription apps in Shopify. The app is also directly integrated with Seal Subscriptions, the Shopify subscriptions app.
Bundler is capable of applying bundle discounts on top of subscription discounts and in combination with subscription discounts. You can even configure the app to apply the discount only on the initial order or on all subsequent orders.

Does Shopify allow bundles?

Yes, with Bundler - Product Bundles, the Shopify bundle app, you can create bundles in your shop. Bundler - Product Bundles app is capable of applying classic bundle discounts, Mix & Match discounts, volume discounts, wholesale discounts, etc. and much more.
Bundler will help you increase sales and average order value in your Shopify store, as it will allow you to offer bundle discounts to your customers with an optimized user interface.