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What can I do if my bundles are not displaying?

If you created a bundle and it is not displaying on your product page, then you can either contact us or manually install the app in your theme Liquid files. If you decided to install the app manually, then follow our manual installation guide.

Where do the bundles display?

The bundles will display at the end of your product pages. The bundles will only display if the currently viewed product is included in at least one active bundle.

Why are my bundles not displaying in my collections?

Our Bundler app works with draft orders feature, which means that it doesn't create an unnecessary new product for each bundle. This means that the bundles can't be displayed in collections, unless you include them in a collection description with the custom bundle code. This has several benefits, as the stock will never be out of sync, you can easily track your inventory with SKU codes and the display of bundle widget will always be up to date.

Does each bundle have a landing page so I can promote it?

Yes. Each bundle has it's own landing page, so you can promote it. You can get a url for the bundle on bundle page in app settings.
We even created a page with all bundles for your shop. To enable it, just go to general settings and enable it.

When will Bundler apply the discounts?

Bundle discounts will be applied at checkout, if all products from the bundle are in the cart. When the user clicks the checkout button in the cart, a draft order will be created with the discounted products and the user will be redirected to it.

Can I create a bundle with variants from the same product?

Yes. You are be able to choose if you want to create a bundle on product or variant level. If you select variant level, then all selected variants will be displayed as a separate product in the bundle.

How do I display a bundle on my homepage?

You will need a special HTML snippet from the App settings -> edit bundle page. The snippet is called Bundle Shortcode and can be found at the end of the bundle page.

Copy it, then open you Shopify theme files (Online store -> Actions -> Edit code).
Find the section in Sections folder where you want to display your bundle, open it and paste it there. The section will probably be called featured-collection.liquid or something similar.
Save the Liquid file and check if the bundle is displayed in your homepage.

Can customers still apply a discount code to their order if they add a bundle to their cart?

If the customer qualifies for the bundle discount, then he won't be able to use any additional discount codes. This is a limitation posed by Shopify, as draft orders can't use discount codes.
However, if the customer doesn't qualify for the discount (e.g. he doesn't have all the products from the bundle in the cart) then he will go to a normal checkout and will be able to use discount codes.

Will Shopify automatic discounts work together with bundle discounts?

If the customer qualifies for the bundle discount, then the automatic discounts won't get applied. This is a limitation posed by Shopify, as draft orders are not affected by automatic discounts.
However, if the customer doesn't qualify for the discount (e.g. he doesn't have all the products from the bundle in the cart) then he will go to a normal checkout and the automatic discounts will get applied.

Is there a way to display the bundle discounts in cart?

Yes, we have an option to turn on the display of discount at cart total value. The cart total value will be crossed over and the discounted price with the discount will be displayed under it.
You can turn it on in General settings.
Since themes are very different from one another, it may happen that the discounts won't display in your cart. If this happens, contact us at and we will make the app compatible with your theme.

How can I downgrade my plan from Premium to Free?

Just uninstall and install Bundler - Product Bundles app again :) You bundles will still be there.

Can I create a configurable bundle with any 2 products from a collection? Meaning the user can get a discount if he buys any combination of products and I only create 1 bundle.

Bundler is meant to create bundle with specific products, meaning you can't create a bundle by targeting all products in a collection. In Bundler, you have to specify exactly which products you want to have in a bundle.
However, we are planning on adding this functionality in the future.

How do I create a bundle?

  • Go to your Shopify store admin.
  • Navigate to apps.
  • Click on Bundler - Product Bundles.
  • Click on Create bundle button.
  • Scroll down and set the desired discount. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount discount.
  • Scroll even lower and click on the Select products button to select products.
  • Select products and confirm your selection.
  • Scroll back to the top of the page and click Save button.
  • Go to the product page of one of the products in the bundle and check if a bundle widget is displayed there :)
That's it!

When I try to open app settings in Shopify admin, it says that I am not logged in. What can I do?

If you are using Safari, then the issue might be caused by Safari's strict cross-site tracking policies.
You can try to open the app settings in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) or disable the strict cross-site tracking.

How to disable the cross-site tracking policy:
  1. Go to the Safari drop-down menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Privacy in the top panel.
  4. Uncheck the box at Website tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking
After you have completed above steps, open the app settings again.
If the issue persists, please contact us at

How do I display all bundles on my product pages?

By default, the app will only show one bundle on product page. It will be the one relevant to the current product and with the highest priority. We made it like that to avoid possible confusion if one product is in multiple bundles.
Currently, you can set the app to display more bundles on product page by using a custom HTML snippet for each bundle you want to display. So for example, you want to display bundles A and B on product page. You go to each of bundles, copy the HTML snippet for each bundle and add it to the relevant product page.

How do I move the bundle widget to a different place on my product page?

Easy. Follow our guide and add the HTML snippet described in it to the place where you want to display your bundle widget.
If you are scared of editing your Liquid files, contact us and we will do it for you ;)

How do I create a custom bundle page?

  1. Go to the Bundler app settings and click on the bundle you want to have in your page.
  2. Scroll down to the "Bundle shortcode" section and click on the button to get the bundle code.
  3. Copy the bundle code for your bundle (marked in red on the sample screenshot).
  4. Go to your pages in Shopify.
  5. Click "Add page."
  6. Switch to the HTML editor by clicking the code symbol in the upper right corner (marked with red).
  7. Paste the copied HTML.
  8. Save the page and check the bundle in your shop :)
That's it! To add more bundles to the page, just repeat the process for the same page :)

Will bundled products appear as a single line item on the invoice?

Bundler app uses your existing products and applies discounts on top of them. It doesn't create new products for your bundles. This means that when somebody purchases your bundle, each product will be listed separately on the invoice and you will be able to process your orders just like you did before.
This is perfect if you use a third party system for processing your orders.

Can I translate the bundle widgets in multi language store?

If you are using Weglot translations app, then yes, you can. You will just have to add a class .bndlr-container the list of dynamic elements in Weglot app.

Is there a report to show how many bundles I've sold?

Bundler doesn't yet offer a reporting functionality, but you can easily find all orders created by Bundler - Product Bundles in your Shopify admin. Navigate to orders page, select more filters, click on the sales channel, then check the Bundler - Product Bundles checkbox.